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Retired OPD Captain Shot During Robbery Attempt In Oakland


On Thursday, October 21st retired Oakland Police Captain Esrie Joyner was shot six times while at a Chevron gas station in Oakland. Joyner is currently fighting for his life after three suspects attempted to rob him. He was carrying a concealed weapon as a retired officer and was able to shoot and kill at least on the suspects who attempted to rob him. Many people have criticized the city of Oakland for gun violence, and overall violence that has been on the rise in Oakland. One Oakland city council member, Treva Reid said, “If we can’t go during the day to places we thought were safe, places to get gas, groceries, to sit in the park and walk down the street, where can our community feel safe? That’s what we have to address as we come up with strategies and solutions to address the deep root cause”.


Police are searching for the black sedan that was used in the robbery but there have been no arrests so far.


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