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Make These 7 SEO Resolutions To Grow Your Business Presence


A new quarter offers you an opportunity to focus on SEO resolutions to help your website succeed. This offers the chance to focus on unique visitors and unique products or services. Almost every company in the world has a website. The science of SEO has evolved over the past few years, realize that internet searches are the key to a well-performing website. So don’t be mugged by the internet myth that having a site will keep you visitors hogging up your online dish unsparingly. You need new SEO resolutions to boost your website and change the way you attract online customers.

Below are some new SEO resolutions that we strongly suggested you adopt this year. All of these tips will help you grow your website’s traffic and convert visitors into customers.

1) Adopt SEO while optimizing your website. This is a popular solution. Adopt search engine optimization as soon as possible. Start your website optimization process by spending time basic in keyword research. Find the best keywords and use them prominently on your web pages. Find out how your competitors have used their keywords and work on sample quotations and competition analysis.

2) Spend Time on Content. As with the above SEO resolution, spend a lot of time on your website’s content. A good content management system provides that you can update your content regularly. It also provides that when people share or link to your website’s content, your business is being promoted. If you have a blog or social media account that you use, make sure that you update it and interact with your clients. The more time you spend on updating your online content, the more traffic you will have.

3) Write Some Press Releases and Make Them Search Engine Friendly. You can use press releases to blast your new website and new product or services. Be sure that you submit them to all the major press release websites. Make sure that you are submitting press releases that are “credible sources” and that gives you full contact info including a proper email address and contact number. So that it looks more like a news story and people will want to visit or click on the links in the story.

4) Social Bookmarking. It’s one of the major new year SEO resolutions that everyone seems to be following hard on. Social bookmarking a website will yield that you get tons of traffic and that is because most of the top social bookmarking sites are used by search engines. If you have a business website, it’s pretty common for people to bookmark your website. This brings some traffic to your site and increases your chances of getting top search engine rankings.

5) Use Good Quality Content. Remember that good quality content is king. Your articles and blog posts should be written in natural language. Be sure that it is not keyword-stuffed. It should be detailed and informative. But most importantly, it should be what your target audience wants and need.

6) Be a consistent publisher. It is extremely hard to be a consistent publisher. Yet in this SEO year, that is exactly what you need to do. You need to be consistent with your website, blog posts, and blog comments. This way, Google and other search engines will start to realign themselves with your content. In the end, it is the quality of the content that matters most.

7) Old directories are still active. It is best to submit your website to general directories (other than paid ones) but don’t be reluctant to also trade links here too. Directory submissions, on their own, still provide you with a way to obtain a lot of one-way links to your website.


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