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Some Tips to Improve Search Engine Traffic

We are all out there in the virtual world trying to learn the tricks of the game. While for some, it is just the presence that matters, for others there is nothing better than receiving high amounts of traffic to your website.

But getting quality traffic to your website is not an easy job! We all know that part. But it can definitely be improved upon. We know that! So how do you go about doing that? Check out these tips from Bay Area Web Design company, JST Digital.

Let me be very clear, there is no magical one-step process here. The process is continual and has to be continued if you want the traffic to keep coming. Once you stop working on it, the traffic will stop as well.

Title Tags

Firstly, you need to understand that 99% of the world uses Google for their web searches. I don’t know about the remaining 1%. anchoring your article with a keyword-rich title tag and getting that to the point where the Google page finder will detect it and crawl your web page will definitely give you that boost. It’s one of the most important procedures to get correct, and as you’re likely to be the main site for searches for your keyword so it’s absolutely crucial.

I often apply the following strategy to assist with accomplishing good keyword placements:

You should have many keyword phrases that you are going to use as the anchor text and many web pages that will use those keyword phrases as the hyperlinks. This combination of anchor text and relevant hyperlinks will have a much more effective impact when it comes to improving your website’s ranking in the search engines, and will also have a very positive impact on maintaining the rankings too.

Internal Links

A lot of website owners forget how useful internal links are, especially when you take into account the fact that each page in your website should have one or more internal links pointing to it.

Build the content of your website by linking to other pages and by creating clever ways of linking from one page to another in your own site. In this way, you’ll be creating a site that will have much more relevance with the search engines.

This could lead to better rankings and more traffic.

External Links

Do you know the external links that you have created for your website? If you’ve created reciprocal links, you’ve created two links that can be considered “Backlinks”.

A backlink is a link that points to your website, through another website. This can be considered by the search engines as being a popularity vote for your website. The more websites that link to your website, the more popular it is perceived to be and this popularity will be reflected in the position that your website appears in the search engine results.

External links are important to the visibility of your website and you should invest some time in creating many of them for your website. This will display to the search engines that you rely upon external for your website’s traffic, and will also help to improve the rankings of your website.

The creation of backlinks will assist the search engines to find your site, and they will see the number of websites that are linking to your site to be a popularity vote for your site. This will affect the search engine placement of your website and it will bring your website up in the search engine ranking pages.

The importance of each of these external links is very important. The more links you have created for your website, and the more significant those links are to the websites that are pointing them to, the search engines will regard your website as more relevant. Therefore, it pays to create backlinks and you should attempt to create backlinks from websites that are more significant to your own website.

For instance, you can try to create a backlink from a topic-specific site. For instance, if you are known for creating comparison test sites for web developers, you can try to make a link from a site that is about apps and websites for comparison. When it comes to effective search engine optimization for your website, you should focus much on getting other websites to link to you or at least to link to the pages on your website.

Example 2. Website A links to your website, so Website A is an important website for your search engine optimization strategy. This example of using a relevant link can be used in many ways to improve your search engine optimization strategy.

By focusing on the two examples above, you can easily understand how relying on other websites to provide links to your own website can help to boost your own search engine rankings.

We hope you enjoyed this article from our friends, JST Digital. To get in contact with them visit or give them a call at (925) 230-9866


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